About EZ-Energies

EZ-Energies ("Emissions-Zero Energies" pronounced "Eee-Zee Energies") develops and deploys patented clean-tech energy technologies and applications based on electro-ceramic technology. The company's patents, know-how and development activities cover the ultra low-cost capture, delivery and utilisation of CO2 while generating electricity at the highest efficiency available today from any generator, and the most efficient, low-cost technologies to store electric and thermal energy.

Electro-Ceramic technology includes Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Sodium Metal Halide (SMH) industrial, telecoms and transportation grade batteries commonly known as "ZEBRA".


Onsite, Low-Cost CO2 Capture and Delivery

EZ-Energies has patented ultra low-cost methods to capture pure CO2 from the exhaust of SOFC deployed in Megawatt class clusters housed in easily transportable standard shipping containers.

EZ-Energies' SOFC-based applications utilise technology developed by SOLIDpower, the leading European developer of SOFC  (

SOLIDpower's SOFC offer one of the world's highest electric efficiencies at over 60%. Following a year-long benchmarking process that considered the world's major SOFC manufacturers, Microsoft chose SOLIDpower's products to power the next-generation of grid-independent data centres. This will enable Microsoft to shave hundreds of millions of dollars from the cost of a new data centre.

More than 1,500 BlueGEN SOFC systems deployed in Europe alone by SOLIDpower have accumulated more than 18 million hours of problem-free operation, with an MTBF (mean time between failures) of more than 225,000 hours.

An ongoing multi-month joint pilot project by SOLIDpower, EZ-Energies, King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST) and the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) conducted at a one of the SEC's large power stations North of Riyadh, has demonstrated  that the BlueGEN units are outperforming gas turbines by more than 240%, with savings in natural gas consumption extrapolated at several hundred million cubic feet for one Gigawatt of SOFC capacity operating over a five year period.


Improved Telecoms & Industrial Grade ZEBRA Battery

In partnership with SOLIDpower, KACST, and a number of European research institutions and private companies, EZ-Energies is developing an improved, lower-cost version of the ZEBRA battery. ZEBRA technology is well established, having benefited from more than 30 years of development improvements by some of the world's largest companies, including Mercedes-Benz. (

The ZEBRA is the world's most flexible, safest, long-lasting, ambient-temperature-indifferent battery, making it ideal for deployment in extreme temperatures, whether in the hot Arabian desert, or during the ultra-cold winter climates of the Northern hemisphere.


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