Proprietary and Patented Applications


EZ-Energies has developed patented technology applications offering the most efficient, lowest cost, energy-positive, CO2-negative process available today to deliver pure CO2 onsite or Enhanced Coal Bed Methane recovery (CO2-ECBM) and Enhanced Oil recovery (CO2-EOR).

A senior official at the UK Trade & Investment Department (now renamed "Innovate UK") described the SOFC-CO2-ECBM approach proposed by EZ-Energies as "having the potential to revolutionise energy generation.”

In partnership with SOLIDpower and King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST) EZ-Energies has patented a potentially disruptive SOFC-based application to deliver low-cost CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2-EOR) and Enhanced Coalbed Methane recovery (CO2-ECBM) without fracking.

EZ-Energies' patents cover both the ultra-low cost of capturig CO2 from the exhaust of SOFC and the efficient, equally low-cost process of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. In both instances, this is done while producing large quantities of electricity at ultra-high efficiency, with zero emission of CO2 or other local pollutants such as SOx, NOx, or particulates.

EZ-Energies does not require costly and increasingly controversial gas pipelines to deliver CO2 from remote industrial and power generation sites. The CO2 is produced onsite, at the wellhead. The only connection needed is to the national power grid, which is ubiquitous.

As a result of its ultra-low CO2 capture and delivery costs, EZ-Energies can offer pure CO2 onsite to oilfield operators at a commercially viable, variable price that's dynamically linked to the price of a barrel of oil. In some cases, the reference price of CO2 can be determined on a look-back basis that can vary from 24 hours to weeks or even months.


SMH Battery Development Program

In partnership with KACST and SOLIDpower, with the contribution of several European universities, research institutes and private companies, EZ-Energies is developing an improved, lower-cost Sodium Metal Halide battery, commonly known as ZEBRA. The program is in its final phases and is geared initially to produce long-lasting, robust, ambient-temperature-indifferent, telecoms-grade batteries priced competitively.


Thermal Energy Storage

In addition to the electric energy storage development program that it has with KACST, EZ-Energies has a joint R&D program with KACST to develop a thermal energy storage system based on beam-down concentrated solar power heating a bubbling fluidized bed of chromium oxide particles, to deliver high-quality heat on a 24/7 basis. The pilot systems already installed have delivered day-time heat in excess of 850o C. Overnight heat delivery is projected at above 450o C.

The efficiency of the system developed by EZ-Energies, code-name TEKNELIOS, is substantially superior to alternative thermal energy storage technologies such as molten salt while avoiding molten salt's many draw-backs. Two prototypes of the TEKNELIOS set-ups have been tested successfully over the past two years in the Arabian desert. A larger commercial-size sysetm is planned for 2019.

TEKNELIOS has the potential to replace 100% of the metane or hydrogen that petrochemical or refining companies consume to produce thermal energy. This enables them to utilise the gases instead as feed-stock to produce high-value-added products, benefiting both the bottom line and the environment.


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