Tobias KOCH

Co-Founding Partner & CTO

Mr. Koch is one of the top experts in Kyoto Protocol Carbon finance, having been active in this field since 1998. He has numerous publications to his name related to methodologies and principles associated with carbon finance, including co-authoring, with Rachad Itani, the first Upstream Carbon Offset Program law draft that was debated on the floor of the South Dakota Senate in 2008. He worked as a consultant with a major CDM certifier for several years, and has work experience with the UNFCCC Secretariat and with the World Bank. Mr. Koch is an experienced CDM project manager, and is an expert at developing new methodologies and project design documents. He is a trained expert in energy efficiency and alternative energy technologies. He oversees EZ-Energies' technology and applications development activities. Mr. Koch is a native German speaker, and is fully fluent in English and Russian.


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