Eng. Andrea de Ricardis

Technology Leader, Project TKNELIOS

Mr. de Ricardis is an engineer specialized in fluidized bed combustion technology. For the past three years, he has been developing a technology to store thermal energy in a bubbling fluidized bed that's heated by beam-down, solar energy. The technology enables the storage of thermal energy overnight at temperatures that are twice higher than molten-salt technology, with none of the complications, problems and risks associated with molten-salt heat storage. Code-named TEKNELIOS, the system delivers daytime temperatures exceeding 850oC, and overnight heat levels above 450oC on a 24/7 basis. It would enable petrochemical and refining plants for example to avoid consuming 100% of the methane or hydrogen gas they currently combust to produce thermal energy. These feed-stock gases can be thus better utilised to produce higher-margin products, while the plants would avoid emitting 100% of the CO2 that's traditionally associated with the production of thermal energy for indsutrial processes.


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