Dr. Demetrio Baronetto

Technology Leader, SMH Battery Program

Dr. Baronetto has a PhD in Electrochemistry and brings to EZ-Energies more then 20 years experience in “hot batteries” technologies such as NGK-type Sodium-Sulfur batteries and ZEBRA-type Sodium Metal Halide (SMH) batteries. Dr. Baronetto is the technology leader of EZ-Energies' joint development project with KACST, which is aimed at producing a low-cost, improved version of the SMH battery, with several innovations that ensure higher efficiency and longer life-span. This multi-year program is nearing its end and will be followed by the construction in Riyadh of a large-scale plant to produce SMH batteries for the telecoms industry, to be followed by special-purpose batteries geared to specific applications. This would enable the development of batteries that are specifically optimised for each application, as compared with the "one-size-fits-all" current battery design that involves compromises on size and energy vs. power densities.


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