Dr. Claudia BETTIOL

Chairman of the Board

Professor Bettiol is a recognized expert in the geo-political and socio-engineering aspects and strategic deployment of Digital Cars and Digital Energy. She is an advisor to public authorities and private corporations on the technological and social implications of the large-scale deployment of electric vehicles, which she defines as Digital Cars. She also advises international technology and manufacturing corporations involved in electric, or digital mobility. Professor Bettiol taught a European PhD Course on Sustainable Mobility at Tor Vergata University in Rome. She has published a large number of scientific articles and books on the logic of complexity and cognitive theory, innovation management, multiculturalism, the effect of innovation and technical specialization on human populations, the geo-politics of renewable energy and the confluence between scientific knowledge and human development. Professor Bettiol is a founder of the "Centre for Sustainable Mobility", which brings together the "brain-capital" of more than 50 small, medium and large scale companies that develop technologies and systems involved in the manufacture and deployment of electric vehicles and their integration within local and national policies and urban organization.


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